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I attended my very first yoga class in the early 1990's with Clare McAlpine. I will never forget walking out of that first class and feeling as light as a feather. As I left the building a huge gust of wind surrounded me, and I felt as if it would lift me up, so vivid was the feeling of lightness. The relief of finding my inner stillness for the first time is something I will never forget. Since then, yoga and meditation have always been my constant strength and scaffolding to support me through life’s challenges; a way of going back to that inner stillness again and again.

I discovered meditation in the late 1990’s, first through the Brahma Kumaris (Bradford and Leeds) and then through various Buddhist centres in Yorkshire. In 2009 I completed my first 10-day silence retreat in Vipassana meditation, in Hereford. Around this same time, I discovered Jamyang Buddhist Centre in Leeds, a place still close to my heart. From 2009 to 2022 I completed four 10-day silence retreats and Vipassana is my main daily practice. I have completed workshops, retreats and teacher training in mindfulness and meditation of various styles. 

I first took up teaching yoga in 2018, whilst on my Yoga Teacher Training Diploma with Yoga Campus. I love teaching and get as much back as I give out, and as time passes, I realise the more I learn, the more there is to learn. Yoga is vast, deep and an on-going, life-long journey.

I am inspired by the physical body; it’s structure and movement, regulation and repair, and the joys of sensory experience. I am fascinated by the mind; it’s complexity and creativity, obstructions and potential, weaknesses and strengths. I am in awe of this earth, the natural world and our relationship within it; it’s calm and ferocity, fragility and strength, beauty and ever-changing nature. How very lucky are we to live in such a fascinating physical body in this lifetime and to have the capacity to experience both the outside world and our own, inner world.

I feel privileged to live at a time when the overlap between Yoga and modern science is ever growing. The wisdom of the ancient texts and my respect for them deepens year on year, as modern science catches up with what the ancient yogis knew intuitively. I feel so lucky to have a job sharing yoga with others.

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Member of The Yoga Alliance Professionals

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