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Jan is a calming yoga teacher. Each week she takes you on a wonderful
fulfilling yoga journey which is grounding and re-energising. She helps
us focus on different areas physically and spiritually and adapts different
positions and techniques to our mixed abilities.

Lucy P.

Lovely yoga teacher who creates a gentle welcoming atmosphere. Well paced classes where one can work to your own level. I thoroughly enjoy Jan's teaching and listening to her calming voice. Aged mother loved the chair yoga too!

Anne P.

I would like to show my appreciation to you for such well planned , so well coordinated and well balanced yoga classes that we have at Morley leisure centres with you.I love the way how you’ve transformed my wellbeing with your meditative stretches and moves within our yoga asanas specially the Hatha flow. To sum it up your classes have had excellent benefits to my mind, body and soul. Thank you.

Nillam V.

I started attending yoga classes with Jan only recently. I have found these classes to be extremely useful in helping me regain some flexibility in my body. Jan is an excellent teacher. She has a calm voice and explains clearly and demonstrates how to carry out the yoga poses. The most important thing she teaches us is to be kind to our bodies. We are all individuals with differing degrees of suppleness and flexibility and therefore do the yoga poses without hurting ourselves. The yoga is not just about helping us be more flexible but brings calmness and peace of mind. I totally recommend Jan’s yoga classes.

Joe H.T.

I always look forward to my weekly yoga class with Jan. Jan’s classes are very friendly, relaxing, calming and a lovely mix of meditation and movement. I always leave Jan’s yoga classes feeling like a new woman; calm, relaxed and less stressed. I strongly recommend yoga with Jan – it has made a huge positive difference to my mental and physical wellbeing!

Julia K.

I love your classes and your unique calm style of delivering yoga practice. In the class you make me feel so relaxed and energised when I leave at the end of the session.  The class flows superbly your planning and delivery's excellent!! You make everyone part of the class and you have time for people when they need to see you.

Naseem A.

We have been attending Jan`s Thursday Hatha class at Beeston St Marys for some time now and can recommend it to others, be it for experienced or beginners. The class is quite chilled due to it being on at 7.00PM and we always sleep well afterwards. Each session has a familiar theme but is changed weekly so it does not become boring. The venue is good as there is plenty of space and the building is quite airy.

David K.

Since going to Jan's Yoga classes, I have felt the improvement to my health. The different yoga positions have all proved beneficial for me. Helping with my balance, relief of lower back pain and keeping more supple. At age 72 and having osteoarthritis in my knee and both hips it is marvellous. Jan is a superb teacher and always tells us to listen to what our bodies can do.

Joy C.

I would highly recommend the classes and they are one of the things I really look forward to. Jan is a great teacher; she is friendly, very knowledgeable, professional and dedicated to yoga. I love the soothing music during the classes, there is always a variety of content and Jan makes you feel comfortable and her communication is excellent as she talks through the moves. The classes are well prepared and thought out with great attention to detail, which makes them ideal for any level of experience but perfect for beginners. I always experience peace and tranquility throughout the class and leave feeling very relaxed and that I have learnt a little bit more about yoga practice and body movement.

Nicola T.

Jan is a thoughtful caring lady who puts her heart and soul into the preparation and presentation of her classes. Jan's yoga classes are a highlight of the week for me. During lockdown Jan gave yoga and mindfulness classes on Zoom. I found these very helpful during a difficult time. Jan has a lovely calming voice. Her instructions are clear and always emphasis to listen to your body and be kind to your body not to do anything that is painful. Jan is such a lovely caring person who cares about the people in her classes. Her words and music are thought provoking. You appreciate every part of your body and gratitude for the wonderful earth we live on. I am a better person for having Jan and yoga in my life. Jan is an excellent teacher. I highly recommend her classes to everyone.

Valerie M.

I love Jan's yoga class. I have been going to her Beeston class for about 2 years and it's the one class I always look forward to, it never feels like a chore! Jan puts so much effort into her classes, always bringing a different subject to focus on in our practice each week, from various disciplines, which we can carry out into our daily lives. the class is really accessible for anyone at any stage of their practice and Jan will always tell us to listen to our bodies and not do anything which feels uncomfortable. I know this is a bit of a buzz word at the moment but it really does feel like an act of self care to go to Jan's yoga class and I'd recommend it to anyone, whether you're an absolute beginner or at an advanced stage of practice, everyone would get something out of it.

Helen L.M.

I really enjoy your classes and feel they are restorative and keep me positive.

Sarah S.

Having looked for a while for a good yoga teacher a friend recommended Jan and I am so please I took their advice. Jan gives clear and precise instructions, together with alternatives so that she takes into account the needs of each individual, whether they have a bad back or bad knees, etc. so that everyone can benefit from her classes. Both Jan's hatha and hatha flow classes start and end with some mindfulness, which is soooo relaxing and at the same time energising - giving you time to check-in with your body. Jan's calm, friendly and knowledgeable persona is inspirational. I hope that one day, with Jan's guidance (and practice) my balance, flexibility and spirituality will be as good as hers. I thoroughly enjoy Jan's classes and would absolutely recommend giving them a try.

Linda H.

I've attended Jan's classes for a couple of years, initially at Morley Leisure Centre and more recently from home. They are my 'go-to' classes because I know that they are suitable for whatever frame of mind I am in - work hard or take it easy. They're suitable for all levels of ability and I always know that I will feel better at the end than I did when I started.

Karen F.

I attend Jan’s weekly class at Jamyang Buddhist Centre. This is a fantastic way to get out of the office and do something positive and healthy. I always leave feeling relaxed and well aligned. Jan is lovely and has made us all so welcome to her class. Thank you for being a great teacher!

Rebecca E.G.

I recently returned to practicing yoga after a few years of not being able to find a class and instructor which suited me. Jan’s yoga sessions are amazing to say the least. I have at last found yoga again and love it all over again. In this difficult time for us all, Jan has managed to reach out to us through Zoom social media. She’s an inspiration to us all. The meditation meeting this evening was well planned and easy to follow. I feel very relaxed and ready to face another day of social distancing tomorrow. Thanks Jan.

Christine W.

I’ve been attending Jan’s Hatha class at Jamyang Buddhist Centre for the last few months and look forward to every class. Perfect balance of waking the mind and body, uplifting for the spirit and emotions, always leave feeling happy and relaxed ready to face the world.

Aerron P.

I never fail to feel better after one of Jan’s classes. Not only because I have moved and stretched my body, but because I usually learn something as she shares her vast knowledge, and her soothing voice and compassionate nature makes me feel calm and relaxed. It’s a highlight of my week and a much needed tonic in the current difficult times.

Lucy H.

I always look forward to yoga. If I am anxious then it calms me. Think about the pose instead of the problem and the breathing practices also help. Don’t feel the need to compete. We are all different, be kind to yourself, do what you can, not what you can’t. Be in good company and enjoy the class.

Lynne L.

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I attended a mindfulness and relaxation class held by Jan today and felt compelled to leave a review it was that good! Jan is so kind and compassionate in all her classes(I’ve attended her yoga classes at Morley leisure centre before lockdown) that they are a pleasure to attend. Jan puts a lot of thought into her classes and usually imparts with wistful knowledge on yoga or Buddhism, which helps with the understanding of what you are doing and adds to the ambience of the class. I came away from the mindfulness class today very calm and de-stressed (very helpful in these stressful times) and so relaxed the rest of the day I didn’t do a thing! I will be attending more of these Wednesday afternoon classes in the future! Thank you so very much Jan.

Sarah W.

I thoroughly enjoyed the mindfulness and relaxation classes that I attended just after the death of my husband. They helped me tremendously as I was now alone after 48 happy years. They let my mind wander and imagine some lovely times and places I would not have thought of, as I was very tense and apprehensive about attending the classes and meeting people but found them relaxing and friendly. Thank you Jan.

Constance H.

Jan is a very calming presence with a soothing voice, I enjoyed switching off for a while and allowing myself time to relax. Afterwards I felt refreshed as if I'd had a nap! Any stress or worries seemed to be minimised.

Good Things Foundation

The mindfulness techniques we used of moving our focus to different areas can be applied to other things for example when going for walks, I've been noticing my surroundings in a more mindful way.

Good Things Foundation

I enjoyed the fact they were delivered live. I try and meditate every day, however, I use an App where the majority of content is pre-recorded. I think helping people learn how to be more mindful and take a calmer approach to work life has a huge impact.

Good Things Foundation

All sessions were good with an immediate benefit felt, increasing in wellness from sessions 1-3 that lasted the full day. Session 3 was amazing (third session was taking out of myself into the universe before coming back into self) - I found that one quite profound and really relaxing.

Good Things Foundation

Although I usually finish up with a headache in the afternoon I really felt like I had time to breathe and had well needed me time to clear my mind. It made me feel more productive and less muddled and stressed. Learnt some techniques to chill by; not to berate myself when my mind wanders.

Good Things Foundation

I was surprised how much I was able to switch off in the space of 30 mins which was good, I liked that I could switch off audio and camera (on Zoom) and just listen, quietly, alone. It made a difference to the rest of my day and I recalled bits of the practice over the next few days. Mindful meditation is actually deeper than I had appreciated - I liked it. I felt very 'grounded' and would like to practice more.

Good Things Foundation

I enjoyed the relaxation time. The guidance about inner reflection - new skill. Helped me to stay calm for the rest of the day. Helped me to calm down if I was agitated about something in the morning. Way to develop relaxation skills. Ways to concentrate to switch off stressful thoughts and thinking patterns.

Good Things Foundation



Thank you for running this session. It really didnt feel like an hour! It was a wonderful relaxing experience. It felt like the sound had weight and was exerting physical force on my body.

Kay J.

I really enjoyed the session, I didn't know what to really expect so I came with a completely open mind. I really enjoyed being able to completely relax, I think your voice is really calm and soothing and I feel like I go into a super relaxed state when listening to you. I had a really sound sleep and slept well all night.

Kieley S.

Thank you for putting on the sound relaxation class, I really enjoyed it. I felt very comfortable, relaxed and calm throughout the whole session. It was such a wonderful new experience for me and I look forward to doing it again.

Danielle B.

I really enjoyed the session. A wonderful experience - very relaxing. I felt totally immersed in the sounds of the drum and the gong. I left feeling well rested and calm. A positive effect has been improved sleep.

Nicola T.

I relaxed into the session really quickly, it felt like a really safe and calm place. By the end of the session I felt so much more relaxed and refreshed and the time just flew. Thanks for a really great afternoon experience, I truly enjoyed it.

Stella C.

I particularly enjoyed the chanting. I wasn't expecting that, I was missing thinking it would be gongs etc, but your voice was so melodic and it reminded me of my holidays in the Far East, so I really loved that element! I felt really relaxed after and had a great sleep. Looking forward to more in the future.

Lucy H.

I found the session beautiful and relaxing, I did not know what to expect from the sound relaxation but when the gentle gongs and your voice started I knew it was going to be something special. I had some beautiful visualisations, I really was connected to the sound in a way I find it hard to explain. I know you always make it clear in your yoga sessions that the relaxation is a key part of yoga so was good to have an experience focused on pure relaxation. I hope you continue in the new year with more sessions.

Aerron P.

I really enjoyed the session today I felt it was at the right pace for me and your delivery as always was super. I felt the vibration from the Instruments you were playing it was great.

Nasseem A.

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the sound meditation and Yoga Nidra class. I enjoyed the Yoga Nidra very much, the chanting and the soft gong sounds. We would attend if it was a regular weekly/monthly session.

Jane C.



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