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I set up my first yoga class in 2018 at St Marys Church and Beeston Parish Centre, and now have classes throughout the South of Leeds; Morley, Beeston and Gildersome.
When you attend my class, my wish for you is that you experience a class based on mindfulness; to focus on your breath, turn your awareness inwards, listen to your body, open your mind up for reflection and contemplation, consider nature and the planet, but above all enjoy an hour of pure self care; a rare opportunity to practice compassion and kindness to this body you are living in. If you leave my class feeling de-stressed, relaxed and interested in what you've heard, then my job is done. As well as mindfulness, I aim to weave some of the deeper, philosophical and subtle aspects of yoga into my yoga classes; Yoga as a whole, rather than just physical movement.
If this interests you, then please do join me for yoga.


Join me to nourish your mind, body and spirit.



Suitable for those with good levels of fitness and some flexibility and strength.

Hatha flow/ vinyasa is based on sun salutations; gentle warm ups, moving into flowing movements with the breath, seated and standing postures, ranging from gentle to stronger postures. Suitable for those with good levels of fitness, flexibility and strength. Often work with chakras and yogic philosophy, and relaxation/ yoga nidra at the end.


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Suitable for both beginners and more experienced.

Hatha Yoga involves gentle warm ups, movement with the breath, seated and standing postures, mindfulness, meditation, mudras, chakras, yogic philosophy and 5 minutes of relaxation at the end. Sometimes a longer Yoga Nidra at the end.

Please see yoga class location, day & times below.


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Suitable for those who can't or don't want to use a mat on the floor.

Chair yoga involves mindfulness, breath awareness, gentle seated movements, mudras, chakras and yogic philosophy.

I'm not currently delivering public chair yoga classes, but hope to soon. If you would like chair yoga classes at your community group, or in a care home, please do make contact.


Weekly classes are as follows:

Monday afternoon:

South Leeds Live At Home Scheme

St Andrews Church, Cardinal Rd, Beeston, LS11

Hatha Yoga 1.45 - 2.45pm

Pay cash to MHA on the day £5.

(Please note that this class starts at 2.15pm every 6 weeks, so please make contact to check class time before attending.)

Everyone welcome.

Monday evening:

Greenside Methodist Church

Town End, Gildersome LS27 7HB

Hatha yoga 6 - 7pm (£8)

(Please contact me to book on.)

Thursday evening:

Hatha Yoga 6.30 - 7.30pm (£8)

South Leeds Conservative Club, Beeston LS11 7JH

(Please contact me to book on.)

Saturday morning:

Gentle yoga 9.30 - 10.15am

Iveridge Hall Spa & Health Club

Wakefield Rd, Oulton LS26 8EU

(Please book directly with Iveridge; 01132887666

Please don't hesitate to contact me by phone, text, WhatsApp or email to ask any questions you may have about any of the above.


If you would like to join me for yoga or sound relaxation, but cannot afford it and are experiencing hardship, please message me directly.

Don't ever let money be a reason for not coming to class, you will always be welcome.

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Member of The Yoga Alliance Professionals

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